Payment Options

I accept most credit cards, PayPal and checks payable to Robin DeMarco Enterprises, Inc.

For a session-by-session payment plan, the hourly rate is $75, and payment must be received 24 hours prior to the start of the tutoring session. I strongly recommend (and prefer) the use of either a credit card or a free PayPal account.

For convenience and savings, I offer a monthly payment option. Payment is made by credit card or PayPal based on 1 session per week at a rate of $60 per session (20% off), charged at $240 per month. This fee will be automatically charged to the listed account on the anniversary of enrollment each month until the plan is cancelled. I require 14 days notice
before cancellation. If a month has an extra session, that session is free! Use the convenient button below to enroll.
If a family desires more than 1 session per week, or has multiple children enrolled, the above program can be tailored to suit the specific situation. Please contact me for more information.

If payment is to be made by check, please mail it to: Robin DeMarco Enterprises, Inc. at :

Robin DeMarco Enterprises, Inc.

P.O. Box 1602

Lockport, NY 14095-1602

There is a $50 returned check fee.



1 tutoring session per week
You can be billed up to $240.00 USD
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